Learning Monkey Kung Fu


OUR APOLOGIES: The server used for online training is no longer available.

I have put the entire Monkey Kung Fu artform on 17 DVDs which you can purchase at the following:



Unfortunately, as president of the Martial Arts History Museum, I no longer have the time to devote to online training. Although I still teach a private group, seminars and workshops are something I currently am unable to do. But we will see. Therefore, I will not be offering certification at this time, but who knows what tomorrow brings.

Certified Instructors in Monkey Kung Fu (Tai Shing Pek Kwar)
Master CJ Martinez, 4th degree, 7th Generation Master
Master Jacquelyn Egger, 3rd degree, 7th Generation Master
Phoebe Wong, 3rd degree, 7th Generation Master
Sifu Josh Freedman, 1st degree
Sifu Drew Smith, 1st degree
Each of these has learned all five forms of the Monkey art, techniques, exercises and more.
Master CJ Martinez, Master Jacquelyn Egger and Master Phoebe Wong has completed their
training and are currently the 7th Generation Masters of the Monkey artform.
Sifu Josh and Sifu Drew are certified to teach the art but have not mastered it.




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