Learning Monkey Kung Fu


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Once signed up, you will have access to the Monkey Library. New videos will be added to the Library on an ON-GOING basis. The Library contents will be listed here so that you can see which new videos, techniques, forms or movements have been added.



Before I talk about Certification, let me point out that you don’t need to be certified to teach Monkey. If you feel you have learned enough to teach, that is fine.

With that said, let me explain what Certification is. The Certification Program creates an open door policy with Grand Master Matsuda. You can discuss items, use Skype together, he will look at your videos and give you advice and information on performing Monkey as accurately as possible.

Certification allows your school to be listed as an authorized Monkey Kung Fu school. It lists your school on the website and that it is fully endorsed by the U.S Tai Shing Pek Kwar Association and Grand Master Matsuda. Compared to what karate schools charge for black belt level promotions, this is extremely affordable.
Please do not worry about Certification until you are ready to teach and would like to further your skills personally.

Certification requires a one-time fee of $600. This includes the following:
1. Email correspondence with Grandmaster Matsuda
2. Sending your videos to GM Matsuda so that he can view them and evaluate them
3. Personal, live conversations with GM Matsuda so that he can discuss our progress
4. Teaching certificates, when passed, for your school
5. 2 years of Unlimited access to Monkey Kung Fu online training
6. Listing as a certified school for teaching Monkey Kung Fu (when passed)

This is a very fair price for being able to correspond with Michael Matsuda on a periodic basis.

Certified Instructors in Monkey Kung Fu (Tai Shing Pek Kwar)
Master CJ Martinez, 4th degree, 7th Generation Master
Master Jacquelyn Egger, 3rd degree, 7th Generation Master
Phoebe Wong, 3rd degree, 7th Generation Master
Sifu Josh Freedman, 1st degree
Sifu Drew Smith, 1st degree
Each of these has learned all five forms of the Monkey art, techniques, exercises and more.
Master CJ Martinez, Master Jacquelyn Egger and Master Phoebe Wong has completed their
training and are currently the 7th Generation Masters of the Monkey artform.
Sifu Josh and Sifu Drew are certified to teach the art but have not mastered it.




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