Teaching the Monkey Arts as it was Designed
Monkey Kung Fu is taught by Master Matsuda in the traditional way; the way it was originally designed by Grandmaster Kou Sze. You will not find extreme flexibility postures, not a single trace of Indian or Taoist yoga and you won’t be just kicking in the air thinking that your kicks will be effective.

Grandmaster Kou Sze designed the Monkey art from the Great Earth style (Tei Tong). It is a very low art and a very powerful art. When the movements of the monkeys were added, Kou Sze added grabbing, pulling the opponent down to the ground, brutal striking and very powerful blows. This is not a fun little artform with someone screaming all around the tournament floor with movements just to impress the judges. Monkey Kung Fu is very deadly, very strong and can do a lot of damage to the opponent.

Although many people have been misled about this art and even “softened it” for show, Master Matsuda takes you back to the foundation of the art and instills the traditional, power-striking monkey as it was designed.

A ton of bag kicking and striking all play a vital role in the training. One must learn to hit and strike in both a high and especially low position. Would good is it to just kick in the air doing forms without even experiencing the hit.

Training classes are rigorous with movements, punches, kicks and ever more monkey drills. Your legs will be put through the ringer but your kicks will be twice as strong as they are now.

Certified StudentsCertified Instructors in Monkey Kung Fu (Tai Shing Pek Kwar)
Master CJ Martinez, 4th degree, 7th Generation Master
Master Jacquelyn Egger, 3rd degree, 7th Generation Master
Master Phoebe Wong, 3rd degree, 7th Generation Master
Sifu Josh Freedman, 1st degree
Sifu Drew Smith, 1st degree
Sifu Josh Villen
Each of these has learned all five forms of the Monkey art, techniques, exercises and more.

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